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Spoken English Course in Mohali

Spoken English Course in MohaliPoor soft skills hampering your success? Join British Career Group for Spoken English Course in Mohali.

If you have trouble communicating in English (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) and if you feel weak and lack confidence among colleagues at work, friends at college or cousins then this is the right course for you. Students who have finished this course perform better at job interviews, excel at work and secure promotions faster, converse well and get more respect in social circles now.

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British Career Group Centre for Spoken English Course in Mohali

When you are applying for a new job, want to join a nice course or hoping to get a promotion, just the qualification is not enough. You are additionally expected to have good communication skills and the ability to speak English. Now, you can learn English in a face-to-face manner at British Career Group. With this form of learning, students can enroll in the British Career Group training center run in the city. The staff at these centers is able to assess the level of English skills a student possesses. Based on that, they advise students on the best possible course for them. Various alternatives are available to suit the timings of students, working professionals, housewives, and hobbyists.

Learn English Speaking & Grow your Career!


British Career Group Offers various English Speaking Course in Mohali for students, professionals, job seekers, business owners, housewife/homemakers, undergraduate students, graduate students etc. You will be able to Read, Write, Understand, and Appreciate & Speak English after the completion of English Speaking Training.

All of our English Speaking Courses have been specially designed on a standard global pattern. It is totally different from the old fashion and stress full way of school/college type of English language learning. We influence you to speak quality English in just 90 hours (spread over a period of 2 Months). A time to a proven system being successfully used.

The English Speaking Course of British Career Group provides you which cater your personalized needs which help you develop a knack how to come out of a difficult speaking situation – A systematic approach. British Career Group provides you with precious chance to learn better communication to enhance your personality through debate, Role Play, Public speaking, Spin the yarn, Extempore, Seminar, Personality development, and Interview classes.

British Career Group English Speaking Course gives an opportunity that will enable you to use the English language fluently, frequently, confidently, and in a natural way in real life situations.  At British Career Group, students are closely monitored through a continuous assessment & appraisal system supported with printed learning material.

Courses We Offer – To Learn English Speaking

Spoken English Course – Basic

Basic English Speaking Training

2 Hours per Session, 2 Months Duration

Suitable For: Those who often face fundamental problems and make sentences with incorrect tenses, or have a weak vocabulary.

Spoken English Course – Advance

Advance English Speaking Training

2 Hours per Session, 2 Months Duration

Suitable For: Those who have a fair knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but are hesitant and under confident.

The British Career Group Advantages

If you want to learn English in Mohali, British Career Group is one of the most suitable English Speaking Course in Mohali because we have a professional method of teaching along with experienced training staff. Let’s take a look at the benefits students of British Career Group enjoy:

Experienced Faculty

The British Career Group Center in Mohali has an experienced faculty. They are trained to give interactive English learning using unique and innovative methods. These teachers’ train and coach students in a manner that they are able to pick up the nuances of the language more easily.

Personalized Training

British Career Group has designed the course is in a manner that the students are able to learn from direct interaction with the teacher. The British Career Group center in Mohali offers personalized attention to students using interesting topics and verbal discussions. The staff members are also always available to provide guided learning. Students are free to come to the teachers with their queries.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

With a size of 15-20 students, we are able to provide an environment of learning where students learn from their peers as well. Teachers encourage interaction within the classroom, which helps students to pick up the language faster. We have noticed that students tend to learn a lot from each other’s mistakes. It also helps students to gain the confidence to speak in front of others.

Step-by-step learning

When in class, the students of British Career Group follow a step-by-step methodology whereby they can gradually learn English trainers who have worked with students of different difficulty levels. With our interactive learning courses, students are able to grasp the language much faster.

British Career Group – What We Offer

1) Detailed, well-designed courseware
2) Set of 7 books with complete A/V lessons
3) Courseware available in the form of DVDs and mobile app
4) Job assistance through our placement cell
5) We also offer other job-oriented courses
5) State-of-the-art A/V setup in classrooms

Why British Career Group Spoken English Course in Mohali?

  • 7+ years Industry Experience
  • Group Discussions of Students
  • Highly Experienced & Expert Trainers
  • Free Demo Classes for all courses
  • Assignment Base Language Classes
  • Focus on Communication
  • Fun and Interactive Learning
  • Feedback on Improvement
  • Technology Aided Learning
  • State of the Art Learning

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Phone – 09988922775

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