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Best CELPIP Training Available in Mohali and Chandigarh 


The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an English language proficiency test accepted by the Canadian government for immigration purposes. The CELPIP-General Test has four segments: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and the total test time duration is around 3 hours.

The test is available now in India and can be given in the city of Chandigarh, Mohali. The fees for the test is ₹10845.00.

The CELPIP Test is completely computer delivered, providing test takers the opportunity to complete all test components in one test sitting, with no additional appointments or interviews. CELPIP test takers utilize a computer mouse and keyboard to complete the Reading and Writing components of the test, and a computer microphone and headset to complete the Listening and speaking components of the test.

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The outcomes of the CELPIP Test are available online in eight business days. Test takers can choose Express Rating so that scores are available online in just three business days.

What is CELPIP?

CELPIP stands for “Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program” is an English language proficiency test which is accepted by many governments, professional organizations, universities, colleges, and employers as proof of English language ability.

It is a general English language proficiency test which has two varieties: The two CELPIP-General and CELPIP-General LS test are approved for citizenship, but CELPIP-General is best to find the Permanent Residency in Canada. The outcome of this CELPIP test is declared online within seven days.

CELPIP, Your Ticket to Canada

Presently, just about everyone wishes to settle overseas, for a bright future. Canada is just one such country which is ideal for immigration. That is the reason the demand for studying Canadian English and accents is present everywhere throughout the world.

CELPIP is a test which measures the English language ability of non-native speakers attempting to immigrate to Canada. CELPIP tests you for fundamental basic grammar/vocabulary, but it also starts looking into your level of language. This is where British Career Group can give you a hand.

The way British Career Group can change your life

Five advantages of British Career Group character development courses:

  • Experienced teachers
  • Classroom one to one coaching
  • Flexible time available
  • Regular mock tests and updated study materials
  • Additional grammar classes

Note: British Career Group merely does not help you take the first step towards getting into a permanent residency in Canada, it also can help you make it a reality by providing skilled help for research visa application.

Thus, don’t wait or hesitate, take your instruction level to new heights, so make your name registered in British Career Group and achieve your desired goals in the first effort!

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The CELPIP Preparation Course Program has been designed to help test takers reach their target scores on their CELPIP Test.

The program is offered in four skill modules providing individual attention to each of the CELPIP Test components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Why take the CELPIP Preparation Program?

  • See the format before taking the test.
  • Receive personalized instruction.
  • Form study groups with other test takers.
  • Practice English language skills.

CELPIP Test Format

The CELPIP Test is available in two versions: the CELPIP-General Test and the CELPIP-General LS Test.

The CELPIP-General Test has four components—Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking,—and the CELPIP-General LS Test has two components—Listening and Speaking.

The total test time duration for the CELPIP-General Test is about 3 hours.
The total test time duration for the CELPIP-General LS Test is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Time allotted: 47-55 minutes

1 Practice Task
8 Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving
5 Part 2: Listening to a Daily Life Conversation
6 Part 3: Listening for Information
5 Part 4: Listening to a News Item
8 Part 5: Listening to a Discussion
6 Part 6: Listening to Viewpoints


Time allotted: 55-60 minutes

1 Practice Task
11 Part 1: Reading Correspondence
8 Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram
9 Part 3: Reading for Information
10 Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints


Time allotted: 53-60 minutes

1 Task 1: Writing an Email
1 Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions


Time allotted: 15-20 minutes

1 Practice Task
1 Task 1: Giving Advice
1 Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience
1 Task 3: Describing a Scene
1 Task 4: Making Predictions
1 Task 5: Comparing and Persuading
1 Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation
1 Task 7: Expressing Opinions
1 Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation

A candidate requires a 7 or more in all modules: Government of Canada.


  • Workbooks for each skill module
  • Take-home exercises

Each and every lesson features materials which reinforce the format of the CELPIP Test. Students who finish these exercises, activities, and resources will be able to improve their performance on the CELPIP Test. Every CELPIP Test Preparation student receives a workbook for the skill module(s) selected.

Why join British Career Group for CELPIP Training in Mohali?

  • Pioneer in CELPIP test preparation
  • Fully computerized labs
  • 1:1 computer student ratio
  • Receive personalized test instruction
  • Expert trainers
  • Ample practice material
  • Take-home exercises

Our Batch

  • Classroom-30 days
  • 2-4 hours daily


The CELPIP Preparation Program is available at institutions across Canada and internationally. Discover a CELPIP Test Centre near you that offers the CELPIP Preparation Program.

Costs and scheduling will vary depending on the individual institution. Please contact the British Career Group Institute Mohali directly to enroll for the CELPIP Preparation Program. Any questions related to the CELPIP Tests should be directed to emailing us or by calling 99889-22775, 81469-92270.


 Is there a connection between CELPIP and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)?

The CELPIP Test is designed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The CELPIP-General Test is a proof of English language proficiency for permanent residency status in Canada and the CELPIP-General LS Test is proof of Listening and Speaking proficiency for Canadian citizenship.

What is Canadian English?

Canadian English is the variety of English spoken in Canada. It contains elements of British English and American English as parts of its vocabulary, as well as many distinctive Canadianisms. It is important to note that both British and American English spellings are accepted in the CELPIP Test.

 What is the passing score?

Each component of the test is given a CELPIP Level and there is no pass or fail marks. It is recommended that you contact the institution to which you are applying to know about their English language requirements.

 How do I request special arrangements?

If you have a disability or special condition that might require special arrangements, you may fill out the relevant forms and submit it to Paragon Testing Enterprises to request such arrangements. A minimum of 2 months’ advance notice prior to the registered CELPIP Test sitting date must be provided so that the request to be considered. Requests must be accompanied by required medical documentation (in English or translated by an authorized translator into English) issued within 2 years of the requested date by a professional who is qualified to evaluate the test taker’s special needs.  Each request is treated on a case-to-case basis and must be reviewed and approved by Paragon’s central CELPIP Office before special arrangements for a test sitting can be confirmed for the student.

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